Author: Md Rahim

Ayurvedic Cosmetics – The New Progress Frontier for the Magnificence Compact enterprise

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Elegance and cosmetics are as historic as mankind. Girls have been and even now are obsessed with looking for superb with all-natural cosmetics goods and remedies. Indian herbs are noticeably properly identified across the world for furnishing and maintaining stunning pores and skin and hair by applying merchandise formulations that use all-purely natural things only. ….  Read More

A Fortnight With Covid-19

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As a writer, it has been my inner most determination to have pair periods of uninterrupted isolation preferably inside of the comforts commonly out there in my house. Perhaps this has stemmed from the agonies of the regular disturbances which I knowledgeable to knowledge although I was engrossed in the revolutionary approach of composing an ….  Read More