Dormer Windows Offer Interior Opportunities

The charms of an exterior ornament can be a decorating challenge for the interior, but the ornament also can also be a true asset when viewed with an open and imaginative mind. For instance, dormer windows or slanted windows in some architectures will add interest to the outside of the home and welcome light on the interior. While these attributes are welcome, many find the decorating or furniture arrangement more than a little challenging.

Take the customary trio of dormers in many homes-lovely to look at, but what do they offer on the inside? Depending on the spacing between the dormers, there are lots of options. One of the first things that come to mind are comfortable window seats. If the windows open, you have the additional benefit of good air circulation in an attic space that has been converted to a bedroom. Window seats can afford great storage containment that can be left open or closed–an excellent use of space.

Another option would be a writing or computer desk. Usually on the second or third floor, these spaces may offer great views for inspiration or just a great place to read for your own enjoyment. Add a comfortable reading or sleep chair and you will have a true multi-purpose room to increase your family’s living space, where before there may have simply been “empty space”.

If your dormer or slanted walls are generous you might consider adding an alcove bed–an easy way to add extra sleeping space without taking away from the room’s intended use, be it a TV room, office space or a well-organized storage room or craft/hobby room. The possibilities are endless. To find a bed to fit your alcove is not difficult and custom is not always out of your price range. You simply order a bed from a sleep shop–one size larger than your opening–and give the shop measurements you need your bed to become. It takes about two weeks and your custom-sized mattress is ready for pick-up or delivery. If you build a low box below to serve as the boxed spring, you can use it for storage. Build the box a little higher and you can have more useful storage with full extension pull-out shelves for linens, pillows and extra blankets. This will have a captain’s bed, look, which is fun for children and teens. If you cherished this posting and you would like to acquire a lot more info with regards to utrecht dakkapel laten plaatsen┬ákindly take a look at our own web page.

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