YouTube and Other Cool Greeting Ideas

It is the time of the internet and what better way to greet someone can there be than to create videos on YouTube? If it’s someone’s birthday you can showcase a video of the highlights of the year or of a birthday party with a video. If you would like, you could also use YouTube to make a playlist of their favorite songs as many songs are featured on channels from many users. Let’s take a look at these and other cool greeting ideas that can be used to reward, congratulate, appreciate, or motivate your friends and loved ones.

YouTube and the video message

If you have a digital camera capable of how to make a playlist on youtube you could always take the simple approach of creating a video message for a special someone. Just dress appropriately, clean the room you’ll be filming in and speak from the heart for your cool greeting. The advantage of doing this is that you can set the video or channel to private access to keep from embarrassing that special someone and that it lends a permanence that the camcorder videos of past years cannot ever hope to match.

Additionally, there are a ton of video editing programs, to include windows movie maker which comes standard on many desktop computers, that will allow you to edit out dry spots, add cross-fades and music, and many other film techniques that adds that special flare and zing to your cool greeting videos. Try it out.

YouTube and the Music Playlist

As mentioned above, YouTube has a lot of music videos available that you can easily add to a musical playlist. Just make sure you name it something distinctive such as “A Cool Greeting for my Friend” and send them an emailed link to your playlist. You do not have to limit yourself to the standard music videos either, as many of these have commercial adverts that delays viewing.

For that reason, try cross searching your recipient’s favorite bands or songs with some of their favorite activities. For instance, if you know your friend is a computer game player, you may find a music video that someone created using a song they love. Wouldn’t that be a cool greeting to mix two things they love in a specially prepared playlist? Of course, this method requires quite a bit more work and may or may not turn up likely links. So it is suggested that you do not spend overly long on this step.

Other cool Greeting ideas

These days, with Facebook links for many webs articles, finding something unique, funny, or amusing can be sent as a gift and often times with an individualized message. Take, for instance, finding a parody trailer of your recipient’s favorite movie. If you send a link to that trailer to them and have it show up on their Facebook page then not only will they get to see it, but they’ll appreciate the fact that you thought of them during your surfing.

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