Why Launch a Condo Internet site?

As condo board members, we all face similar challenges. How do we keep our costs down? How do we ensure we’re protecting our members’ rights to privacy? How do we improve communication? How do we organize ourselves when board members retire? How do we streamline our tasks?
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Have you considered moving your condo online? A condo website can alleviate many of the problems we face. When it comes to sharing and accessing information, the Internet is one of the most convenient, efficient and widely used resources. Each year, more and more people find their way online, and each year, the Internet evolves to offer more features and conveniences that could easily be adopted by condo boards and residents.

How do we protect our members’ rights to privacy?

Secure document storage can be an integral part of your condo website. Electronically stored documents reduce the need for paper copies, and by offering content on member login pages, you can control access levels given to each community member.

How do we improve communication?

Knowing people turn to the Internet for information, a condo website is a great communication tool. It provides 24-hour access to information about community news and events, it is a great place to post announcements (such as parking lot maintenance or building painting), and it allows board members to share information about new initiatives and resolutions. Your site may include forums in which members can ask questions of the board. Perhaps you’ll choose to receive email notifications when news is published or when issues are reported via your site. In essence, condo websites bridge the communication gap that can often occur in larger communities.

How do we stay organized when the board turns over?

Storing documents and correspondence online provides a readily accessible archive for new board members. If you have ever had to track down a past president or a former property manager to retrieve an important document, you likely recognize the benefits to be gained by online document storage and retrieval.

How do we save time and money?

By posting information to a website, board members can eliminate postage and the costly printing of letters, notices and promotional materials. Door-to-door delivery also becomes a thing of the past. By listing homes for rent or sale on the site, residents can save advertising costs. FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) pages can help cut down the number of calls, emails and letters to board members or property managers, providing great cost-saving measures. And if you sell advertising space to local businesses, your community site may even earn money.

So why launch a condo website?

To save your board time and money
To facilitate document storage and to protect private documents
To ease the transition and improve communication when board members retire
To improve communication amongst board members, residents and owners
To provide your community with features they may have asked for, such as:
a public page to convey the community’s public image
an event calendar so residents can get out and meet their neighbours
online booking of a party room, guest suite or other amenity
online forums or classifieds to keep paper clutter out of the common areas
contact information for the board of directors

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