What to Look for in a New Scuba Mask

When Scuba Diving, the scuba mask is your window into the underwater environment. Opt for the mistaken mask to get and as a substitute of a huge, obvious, wonderful check out of the ocean natural environment you’ll conclude up with an obscured, cloudy, leaky annoying source of soreness.

If you are really serious about Scuba Diving listed here are 5 matters you have to have to think about when assessing scuba masks: Style and design, Components, Color, Volume and Suit.

scuba mask Style

scuba masks have a several diverse structure features to take into account. The first and most noticeable design and style aspect is the range of “windows” or lenses which make up the viewing place of the scuba diving mask.

Single Window Masks have a person large viewing location on the entrance of the scuba mask.

Two Window Masks have two individual lenses, one in front of each and every eye.

Three Window Masks will be related to the Single Window Masks, acquiring a person large lens in entrance of both of those your eyes, with the addition of two compact home windows on the sides of the mask for peripheral eyesight.

Whilst at 1st it may appear to be that a lot more home windows is constantly superior, that is not usually the case. Visibility when Scuba Diving is limited in even the best Dive Spots. Even on all those ideal days when you can see one hundred-150ft you will very likely be paying out most of your time viewing factors up near and suitable in entrance of you. Side Windows on a scuba mask enable mild to occur in from the sides which can be a distraction, specifically in shallower dives on sunny days. scuba masks with Aspect Windows will commonly have larger interior volume due to the fact that the room needed for the aspect home windows means that the entrance home windows(s) will most most likely be positioned further more from your encounter.

I normally choose a One Window scuba mask as they have a tendency to give the ideal straight ahead see, nevertheless there is a circumstance when a Two Window scuba mask would be the appropriate option, if you intend on changing the lenses with corrective lenses. While it would be attainable to have a customized lens created for a Single Window Mask, numerous Two Window scuba masks have corrective lenses pre-designed for various prescriptions.

scuba mask Components

The Products made use of for setting up a scuba mask need to be a component in your acquiring determination. Most modern-day masks are made with silicone skirts, having said that some are designed utilizing organic rubber. If you occur to have an allergy or some other aversion to either of those people products then you want to be positive of what you’re finding, specially when ordering on the net.

The lens materials is the other thought, it will likely be either tempered glass or plastic. Glass will be a little bit heavier, but I hugely endorse it about plastic for its greater optical clarity and resistance to scratching. Plastic lenses will possible be considerably less costly, but they can come to be boring from tiny scratches and can yellow fairly immediately, both of those of which would detract from the satisfaction of your dive. So, in short, go for glass, but make confident it is tempered glass for the reason that tempered glass is Substantially safer in the event of glass breakage.

Color of the scuba mask

Picking the shade of scuba mask to get is a purposeful conclusion, NOT just a trend selection. Please resist the urge to acquire a mask simply because it matches your wetsuit or BCD as tempting as that may perhaps be.

The color of the skirting is the most significant. Numerous scuba dive mask have obvious silicone skirting. Clear skirting seems like a superior strategy, soon after all it need to enable it additional light suitable? Sure it does permit in more light, regretably that isn’t as excellent as it appears. The mild which enters via apparent skirting tends to scatter randomly, which ends up triggering lots of reflections inside your mask and potential customers to a really distracting, irritating encounter.
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I recommend likely with a strong shade, the darker the superior from a eyesight standpoint.

Inner Quantity of the scuba mask

The Inside Volume of a scuba mask is the total of vacant place within the mask which is filled with air when you are putting on it. Picking out a Scuba Diving Mask with Very low Internal Volume is an essential thing to consider for the adhering to factors:

Equalizing your Mask is less difficult – The bigger the Inside Quantity of your scuba mask the far more quantity of air you will have to add in buy to equalize.

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